1. Your ward was absent from school and did not bring Leave Explanation Application.
  2. Your ward did not bring Home Work given.
  3. Your ward did not bring the Text books, Note books.
  4. Your ward did not bring Test note signed by you.
  5. Your ward was late to school yesterday.
  6. Your ward’s behaviour in class was not satisfactory.
  7. Your ward was disrespectful to a teacher.
  8. Your ward’s fees is not paid for the last instalment.
  9. Your ward came to school wearing an untidy uniform.
  10. Your ward broke furniture, glass, wrote on the wall in school.
  11. Your ward is inattentive and is disturbed in class.
  12. Your ward’s books are not covered.
  13. Your ward disturbed other students in the class/ school.
  14. Your ward does not study daily at home.
  15. Your ward removes things from other students bag.
  16. Your ward needs special attention in subject.
  17. Your ward did not bring the report card.
  18. Please come and meet (A) me (B) principal at.
  19. Your ward does not finish his/her tiffin at interval.
  20. Your ward deserves praise and appreciation.
  21. Your ward brings money to school without school’s information.
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