1. Parents are expected to play their part by enforcing regularity and discipline and see that their wards prepare their lessons daily.

    Politeness, courtesy of speech and conduct should be maintained while interviewing the Principal and school staff.

  2. Criticism of a child’s teacher and the school in his/her presence should be studiously avoided because it causes the child to lose his/her respect for the teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him. Should you have legitimate complaint, see the Principal, without fear or reprisal. Speak no ill of the discipline or of management of the School. Every one is perfectly free to continue or not continue in the school. When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention the name, class and section of their wards.
  3. Parents are requested not to enter the class-rooms much less ask their servants to do so. Any dealing with the teachers must be conducted through the Principal’s office. Parents are strictly forbidden to see their wards or interview the teachers during the school hours. Members of the staff may be interviewed on every P.T. Meet and on special appointment when they are off duty. Parents are expected to sign the Principal’s or teacher’s remarks in the diary after reading them. Failure to do this may put your child to great inconvenience. Withdrawal of your child from classes for mere social function is not recommended because it retards the child’s progress in school & minimizes his/her respect for regular hard work with consequent failure to progress in his/her studies. As the medium of instruction in the school is English, the children should be helped to follow the classes easily and intelligently by certain amount of regular English conversation at home.
  4. Parents are requested to collect their children within 15 minutes after the school hours because the school cannot take responsibility for students after school hours. Parents are expected to send their wards to school on all working days and National Festivals, otherwise they will be punished/fined Rs. 20/- per day.

    No half-day leave will be granted without any serious reason.

    Woolen coats, cardigans, tiffin boxes, bags & books must bear the name of the owner. Children are not to wear rings, lockets or any kind of jewellery in the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.

  5. Private tuitions are not encouraged. Parents/ guardians may not make private arrangement for tuition with the members of the staff without consulting the Principal. All private tuition, if found extremely necessary, will be arranged for by the Principal himself. Defaulters are liable for punishment. Teachers of the school are not permitted to give private tuitions to their own pupils. The school provides every day free, extra coaching in the morning hours before the school/ class hours. Parents avail this facility.
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